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Fascinated by science in general (1), new technologies, design, contemporary architecture, my creative universe is influenced by these different disciplines, while being impregnated with a surrealist spirit, combined with a component abstract, biomorphic (2), geometric biomorphic.


  • My approach, in for purpose to evoke the emergence of a future bio-synthetic



  • In some kind, I try to bring a sensation of tangible reality to the representations stemming from my metaphysical universe, by trying to transpose them into our everyday life.



I try to evoke scientific research in the field of manipulation of living beings in order to create new organisms, modified or synthesis.

To go further into the possibilities (supposed) scientific research in a more or less distant future, it is possible to imagine autonomous systems, generative supports consist of intelligent nano particles (represented by the geometric shapes) having the ability to generate of living organisms.


And why not imagine a distant future, the possibility of strange life forms, conceived with hypothetical technological singularity livened up by FemtoTechnologies. (3)


  • My vision of a bio-synthetic future goes is she become one realities?

  • The progress as regards nanotechnologies, research in physics and biology, will they make it possible to see succeeding my obsessional quest of organic beings of synthesis, living in symbiosis with humans, having also ability to transport us?



  • Of realize my dream of strange creatures with fluid forms, of symbiotic organisms protoplasmic, of a cocoon-bubble matrix and protector, Organic Ships enjoying its own life, cellular cocoon, mysterious and ethereal nave protean, sanctuary of a inviolable exploration from where emanates my voyages metaphysics ?


  • In a more general way, a future biosynthetic, biotechnologic, bioenergetic, to the service of the good to be and of the evolution of the humanity.


  • I am persuaded.





1. My passion since childhood. When I was a teenager, and even before, I loved observing micro-organisms under the microscope. I particularly liked the paramecium.


2. Biomorphic forms, organic, protoplasmic, already present in my early works, influenced by the fantastic surrealism, sometimes inspired by my dreams.


3. The astrophysicist Frank Drake once speculated about the possibility of self-replicating organisms composed of nuclear molecules living on the surface of a neutron star.

Ref : Wikipedia – Femtotechnology


This idea of Femtotechnology, is also present in the book "Janus" by Alastair Reynolds, in which the author speaks of Femtomachinery.





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